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Radon Testing Services

Real estate transactions are becoming increasingly complex, and as a result, an ever-growing number of inspections are required. One inspection that is often overlooked is radon testing. We offer quick turnaround times for our radon testing services. We know that buyers often have a 10-day contingency period to complete their inspections, and we are committed to helping them meet that deadline. We also offer flexible scheduling to accommodate other inspections that may be taking place. The EPA requires closed-house conditions for short-term testing, so we make sure to schedule our appointments accordingly. With Marine One Property Inspections, LLC you can be confident that you're getting the best possible service.



Radon is a radioactive gas that is present in all homes but at different levels. Though it's naturally occurring, radon can be harmful to your health if present in high concentrations. We use the most comprehensive radon testing and reporting methods, and our experienced team of professionals will work with you to determine the best course of action to take if radon is found in your home. We understand the importance of peace of mind and are here to help you create a safe and healthy home for your family.

Radon Testing

A radon test measures the levels of radon gas — an odorless radioactive gas — due to uranium breaking down within soil and water found present in the home. Radon gas seeps into the home through cracks in the foundation and contaminates the indoor air in your home. Inspectors can test the air inside your home using specialized devices that can detect and measure radon gas concentrations in a building. If radon levels are high, you can perform repairs and interventions to reduce those levels.


Instructions for your Radon Test

1. Close all windows and doors 12 hours prior to the start of your radon test. Please notify your technician if for any reason this has not been done.

2. Keep all windows closed until the test equipment has been picked up.

3. Close all doors behind you when you enter and exit the structure.

4. Do not break or remove any of the certification seals. Your technician at the conclusion of your test will remove seals.

5. Do not use the fireplace during your test.

6. Operate your central heating and air conditioning system normally.

7. Window air conditioners may be operated only if the outside air vent is off.

8.Please consult with our office if you have any parties, open houses, carpet cleaning, painting, repair work, or other inspections scheduled during the test period.

9. Do not touch the test device. It has a motion detector.

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