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Pool & Spa Inspection

 What is a Pool & Spa Inspection

A pool & spa inspection includes an examination of the accessible parts of a pool or a spa. This is a visual inspection, which means that no components will be dismantled during the process. The goal of the inspection is to identify any potential defects and their causes.

Once the inspection is completed, a person is provided with a full pool & spa inspection report. Here, all the findings are listed, together with any additional comments and recommendations.

Who needs a pool & spa inspection?


For most home buyers, a thorough pool and spa inspection is a must. It is usually combined with additional services, such as mold inspection.

All of this should help a buyer make a well-informed decision regarding the property that they intend to buy and discover possible health and safety hazards. What’s more, the majority of mortgage companies will request a pool and/or spa inspection to be conducted before they accept to fund a buyer’s purchase.


Home sellers should also strongly consider a pool and spa inspection in addition to the pre-listing inspection. This should help them evaluate their property and set the right price.

So, if you are thinking of selling your home with an inground pool, don’t skip the inspection. You don’t want to allow a buyer an opportunity to haggle over the price, just because their certified pool inspector has discovered a tiny defect that could have been easily fixed if spotted on time.


Every homeowner has the responsibility to regularly (every 2-3 years) check if their pool/spa adheres to pool safety guidelines and pool inspection standards. By doing this, you will ensure the safety of your family and protect your children from a potential health hazard. What’s more, a poorly maintained pool can easily become a money pit, and you definitely don’t want to waste your savings on this.

Why not hire Marine One Property Inspections to do your Pool Inspection.

If you are  looking for a certified pool inspector near you, Marine One Property Inspections is your best bet. Our InterNACHI-certified professionals have many years of experience under their belt and will make sure that nothing is overlooked. They will be more than happy to advise you on the best pool & spa maintenance techniques that will help you keep your pool in good shape.

With us on your side, you can rest assured that you will be investing in the right property and get your money’s worth. Marine One Property Inspections is here to make sure that your home doesn’t lose value, and that you and your family can enjoy a safe and clean pool.

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