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Mobile One
Crawlspace Inspector

Our custom Inspection crawler camera System will provide portable and convenient access to hard-to-reach areas across all Commercial & Residential Home Applications. Our flexible, solutions-driven approach helps our customers make smarter and more profitable business decisions of their own, so we offer custom Crawl Space inspection crawlers that are built tough to withstand harsh and dangerous environments, as well as being are technologically advanced to deliver crystal clear images and operator-friendly data reporting.

The fun G6-01 chassis is based around a tough, slimline monocoque frame and offers excellent off-road performance thanks to a 6-wheel drive system. Power is provided by a motor behind the front wheels, and transmitted to front, center and rear wheels via gears. The gearbox is sealed to protect from dust and debris and integrated into the frame; it has built-in front, center and rear differential gears to provide smooth cornering. 6-wheel double wishbone suspension is fitted with friction damper

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