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The Importance of Getting a Good WDO Inspection:

Let's start by making a few things clear:

  •   First off, when you are buying a home, the WDO inspector is working for you -- not the real estate agent, and not the seller. You, not them, are the one who will be the one stuck with the bill if the home you buy turns out to have a termite or other WDO problem that is not detected during the pre-sale inspection.

  •   Secondly, understand that a proper termite and WDO inspection of an existing house will usually take a half hour to an hour, or sometimes even longer. Don't let anyone try to pressure the inspector into rushing through an inspection.

  •   And finally, understand that a proper WDO inspection costs money. Credentialed WDO inspection companies spend thousands of dollars a year on continuing training, certifications, inspection equipment, and insurance in order to provide you with the best inspection possible. So be very suspicious of companies offering cut-rate or "quickie" inspections. As with anything else, you generally get what you pay for. Too many people look at the pre-sale WDO inspection as an annoyance imposed by their bank. But the reality is that termites and other wood-destroying insects cost homeowners hundreds of millions of dollars every year in treatment costs and damage repair. In view of this, it's obvious that a proper and thorough inspection by a qualified WDO inspector is always in the buyer's best interest, and should be looked upon as an important part of the home-buying process.

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