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Don't assume all home inspectors do a thorough job and catch all important problems

When you buy a house without getting a professional home inspection, you risk expensive repairs for problems no one disclosed.

But, even if you get an inspection, you can still end up with costly problems. A lot depends on who does the inspection.

To see how much difference there can be from one inspector to another, consumer advocates at rented a house, identifed 28 problems - some minor, some potentially major - and hired 12 home inspectors to do a full inspection.

Get recommendations from friends and relatives who've worked with thorough inspectors who don't rush the job.

Before you hire an inspector, ask questions:

  • Will you inspect the crawl space?

  • Will you test all of the windows?

  • Will you test all outlets and lights?

  • Will you check the appliances, including for recalls?

  • Will you run the heating and air conditioning systems to see how well they work?

Brasler also recommends asking for a sample report so you can see what a typical inspection by that inspector entails.

"If you're going to pay 550 dollars plus, on average, for an inspection, you'd like them to at least inspect for a lot of stuff and be really diligent, and a lot of these inspectors just weren't," Brasler said.

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